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Hello and welcome!

Sorry, but we'll need to better understand your situation before we can help. It would be of great help to us if you could provide the following:

1) A link to a tvfool signal analysis for your exact location. An explanation of how to use the tool can be found here. We need the link to your report (should look something like ""). This will tell us how strong your local TV signal are and whether or not the FV-HD30 is an appropriate antenna for your situation.

2) Are you currently subscribing to cable, satellite, U-verse, FIOS, or some other form of pay TV? Your initial post mentioned DSL, cable, and satellite, so it wasn't clear what other services you already have. If you can identify the make/model of any cable, satellite, DVR, or other devices currently hooked up to your system, that would also help.

3) Tell us what is it that you wish to do. Are you trying to add OTA television to your existing pay TV service? Do you want to switch exclusively to OTA TV?

Best regards,
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