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Originally Posted by RMinNJ View Post
kb4, Thanks.

I'm thinking if I'd like to try a combo UHF/VHF antenna.. I just don't think a tall stack
with the Stellar labs and then a flat panel UHF mounted on my eave/gable is going to be very secure. Im thinking of maybe the Wineguard HD7694P...keeeping everything to the 60 inch stellar size that I apparently need? I think its kind of obvious the vhf channels I need at least 10db gain at the antenna though.
Really learning a lot.
When I was a kid, my dad had a gable end mount, but on a long pole that went all the way to, and into the ground. The top of the pole was over the peak of the gable and strapped with lag bolts to the rafter. It was a very secure mount, went through the remnants of several hurricanes. No issues.

and as a side benefit he could send one of us boys out to grab the pole to rotate the direction. No rotor required, lol.

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