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I know I am kinda talking to myself but I completed adding the LNA 200 amp I already had to the temporary antenna setup. I now get WYJJ but with I still get a lot of fallouts but if you really wanted to watch something you could see more than half of it . Definitely still not acceptable and signal level fluctuates between mostly 37 and 45 on tv display and goes to zero with the fallouts.

Interestingly the other local channels are not overdriven by the amp. I suppose since WBBJ and WJKT are in same general direction the trees are blocking enough of their signal to prevent overload though they do show 93 to 100 signal level and even though WLJT is about 50 degrees off from others it gets 100 signal I would presume because it is not blocked by a hill or as thick of trees.

Now I will leave it where it is and at least see how the signal behaves for at least overnight. Its possible I could raise the height another 20 feet max without dedicated tower but unless clears hill may be thicker tree problems. The other possibility would be using stacked 91 xg s to hopefully get more signal and minimize multipath.

I would still welcome answers to above questions or any other observations.

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