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A report from now shows WYJJ much stronger, but I don't think the software takes into consideration the main lobe of the signal is well above your location, as OTAFAN previously mentioned, making the actual signal at your antenna much weaker. Also, the new TVStudy software used by and the FCC is only accurate to the nearest 0.5 km.
Thanks for your clarification, Tower Guy.

Perhaps my words, "over shooting" were a bit generic. I was just giving kb4 my best guess since nobody else had chimed in at the time. But with a more detailed look at his report for WYJJ as rabbit73 mentioned in his above post, the signal is getting over him due to the hill and trees in front of his location. I think that's why kb4 is now going to try to snag the signal up around 20' on his roof. It seems promising that he'll achieve this, but again that's just my best guess and hope for him at the moment.

I've grown up on OTA TV and watched it all my life. I really enjoy it; think it's quite democratic or free as compared to Pay TV services since all you need is an antenna. And I have learned much on this forum to enhance this hobby of mine. But I'm not a tech like rabbit73, ADTech, or perhaps yourself. I'm more of a cheerleader to this forum. So my posts probably reflect more of a "street language" than exact technical preciseness. But I'm trying to improve as I continue to learn from this forum. I respect your input. Would "blocking" by the hill & trees at his location be more correct?

Thanks again, Tower Guy.

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