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Close channel Reception problem

My problem is I cannot reliably receive channel 27 WYJJ which has 7 sub channels I would like to receive. I am currently using the winnegard 8200 and amplified by a LNA-200 amp and 100 feet of coax to power inserter by TV directed toward the memphis market and receives them all reliably including real channel 5 VHF low and real channel 13 Vhf high band. Those 2 channels VHF low and high band is why I originally chose that antenna. Now that NBC and fox are fairly local I could do without the VHF channels since they are duplicated on the local channels. But some of the duplicates like H&I on WMC are on 27 WYJJ-LD which I cannot receive reliably. I realize the 8200 is not directed to WYJJ but it is also not behind the reflectors. Antenna is mounted on tripod on top of roof peak. There are many pine trees evergreen toward the memphis stains but this hasn't been a problem which could be due to most lower branches have fallen off since they are mature trees and reception is essentially the same year round since they are evergreen trees.

Toward WYJJ there are tall oak trees higher than antenna but they have not had leaves up to now. I realized there may be both multipath and oversimplification causing problems. When I do get reception the signal level is about 50 %. I have tried a separate uhf only outdoor antenna unamplified and amplified and directed toward WYJJ as well as other directions again without reliable reception.

I have also tried an indoor one by one unamplified antenna in various positions without reliable reception.

i would like to keep the 8200 as is and just have separate antenna and coax setup for WYJJ if needed but am unsure what antenna to try .

If there is another solution and use just the 8200 such as filter that is fine also.

Here is my TV fool report:

I would think an unamplified outdoor antenna either omnidirectional or low gain beam should suffice if its receivable at all in my location. I would think whatever would avoid multi path the best and avoid overamplication A low mounted antenna like 10 to 15 feet would avoid the oak tree leafs but of course not the trunks. Perhaps there is cellular interference I need to avoid. Even though its a low power station its only 3.7 miles away and I have personally seen it received well at over 30 miles away.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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