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I have an Antenna craft (made by permacolor # 106212) mounted just under the antenna.
That is probably the 10G212 which has a gain of 30 dB.

From there on to a Channel master 3044 distribution amp,
That has a gain of 22 dB.

Waaaay too much amplification.

The 2 channels I mostly watch (WCAX and WPTZ) both display a signal strength of about 60%. With this signal can I still be over loading the signal?
Overload can cause gain compression that will reduce the signal strength reading on the Roamio Diagnostics screen. Pay attention to the uncorrected errors on that screen; it should be no uncorrected errors.

The Roamio signal strength will not go to 100; it will max out before that.

Forum member mulliganman was using a TiVo Roamio and also had strong local signals. See his report in attachment 2. His signal strength never went above 72%.

Try following the advice by Tower Guy in post #7.

The difference between your strong local signals and your weak desired signals is too much for your present system to handle.

Also, CFCF on real channel 12 has adjacent channel interference from WVNY on real channel 13.
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