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The thing that is still buggin me is the fact that WCAX and WPTZ come from Mt Mansfield. One has issues, the other not.
It is a common misunderstanding of how different frequency (channel) radio waves propagate over distance, terrain, and through trees to assume that they will all arrive at some arbitrary point in space (where your antenna happens to be planted) with adequate strength and quality. Also, we don't have any idea of what antenna you have or what its reception characteristics might be, especially from off-axis directions. The solution for such instances is to simply move the antenna and try again, repeating as needed.

Don't forget that there is also a VHF-13 on Mt Mansfield. If you can get it with the big antenna aimed at Montreal, then TG's idea will work. One other alternative is, if you can score a UVSJ made by Holland or Pico (SCARCE!), is to take advantage of those models' DC pass on their VHF side for VHF-only amplification. This would allow masthead amplification and avoid running a second coax. Note that the Antennas Direct UVSJ has DC pass on the UHF port and cannot be used for this alternative idea but it will work just fine with TG's suggested configuration.
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