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There are multiple issues happening simultaneously.

The antenna is misaimed when you are trying to pick up the US stations. This causes multi-path (ghosting). The Roamio is a bit fussy over multipath.

The preamp is not necessary for the US stations but critical for Canada.

The use of both a preamp plus a powered distribution amplifier simultaneously will cause problems due to the higher strength of the US stations.

That said, how do you fix it?

I'd keep the existing system aimed at Canada. I assume that it gets the two VHF stations, CFTM and CFCF. The CBC station from Montreal is not on the TVfool report, but CBMT is running lower power than the other UHF stations from Montreal that the radar report lists as too weak to receive.

Next I'd get a simple UHF antenna for WPTZ, WCAX, WFFF, and WETK. DB-2 or C2 are two possibilities. The UHF antenna will not want any amplification. Couple the two antennas using a UVSJ, but be careful to add the antenna after the preamp used for Canada. You may be able to get WVNY on VHF channel 13 off the back side of the existing antenna.

If that works OK, stop there. If not, replace the distribution amp with a four way passive splitter.

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