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Unplugging the power to a preamp typically turns it into a ~30 attenuator. Not a valid test unless you WANT to test reception with a 30 dB reduction of signal.

I can't find anything regarding the amplifier you identified but, based on my experience with all of the Radio Shack amps I'd accumulated back before I started working here, I don't have any confidence in them. All of them got chucked into the recycle bin when I tested them on my lab's gear a few years back, their performance was truly that abysmal.

The choice of preamp vs distribution amplifier isn't that simple, it requires some analysis and calculations. If a preamp is used, the a passive splitter is almost always the correct distribution device but, again, that decision should be based on the circumstances for each individual installation, got any general rules.

Amplification should be thought of as subject to the "Goldilocks" rule: Not too much, not too little, it works best when it's "just right".
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