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I have an old antenna mounted about 20' on a pole with a rotor. The antenna is pointed to the NNW ( towards Montreal) as that is where the weakest signals come from. The local channels actually are received from the rear of the antenna. I have an Antenna craft (made by permacolor # 106212) mounted just under the antenna.
75 ohm cable goes down the pole to a grounding block, then into the house to the power tap for the pre amp. From there on to a Channel master 3044 distribution amp, then to 4 devices with about 20' or so of cabling.

The pre amp's gain setting is as low as it can go, and the FM tap is enabled.
Yesterday I unplugged the pre amp to see if the pixelation would stoop, but without power no signal is passed through.
I read somewhere that a distribution amp is preferable to splitters.

Do I need to go up and bypass my pre amp?
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