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how to get surround sound with OTA HDTV

I want to ditch my cable tv package soon and go with an OTA outdoor rooftop antenna. My current setup involves a digital set top box from Time Warner Cable. I use a HDMI cable from the cable box to my HD television, which obviously gives me the best video I can get through cable.

The Cable box also has a digital audio out jack. I currently use the digital audio out jack on the Time Warner box and run a single wire directly from the Time Warner box to the digital audio in jack on the back of my stereo receiver. With this setup, I get true 5.1 dolby digital sound on all of my cable channels that are in HD through my stereo surround sound system.

So how is this going to work with an OTA antenna? With the use of an outdoor antenna, the only option I know of is simply to use the coax cable from the antenna and take it directly into the back of the tv. This being the case, how am I going to keep my 5.1 dolby digital surround sound on the HD channels? I know there must be an easy answer to this but it's all new to me.

I have not used outdoor antennas since the late 70's when I was still a kid; however, I am very attracted to going with an outdoor antenna (versus keeping cable tv to save some bucks (that is after my initial investment is recouped). My television is a one year old Samsung 46 inch LED. The model is UN46B6000VFXZA. Any advice is appreciated on this sound issue.

PS On a completely different note: I have one other question. Will my highspeed wireless internet in the house interfere with the over the air antenna signal? I am assuming the answer is no. However, I just wanted to double check. I appreciate anyone who can address these issues.

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