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HELP: Antenna suggestions for our new house

Hey guys,
First off, here is my report:

So we recently moved. One of the conditions on selling our old house was the buyers wanted us to leave our antenna (I had a Mohu Sky). Which I was fine with as I honestly never really cared for the reception the antenna gave us. With our new house I was thinking of one of these antennas:These honestly appear to be about the same so I wasn't sure which would be a better option. OR if neither of these are the way I should go and there is a much better alternative out there. I appreciate any guidance in this.

EDIT: Thought I would add some more details. We live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA and the area is fairly hilly. So even though I am most likely going to mount on top of my house (25+ feet), not sure just how clear the surrounding area really will be. I'll also be installing it all by myself, which is one reason I ended up with the Sky previously as it was so easy to mount. Of course I want as many channels as possible, but as long as we get all the networks (NBC, ABC, etc...) and WPCH-TV (local broadcast of what was TBS before it became a super network) we'll be happy.

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