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Profesional grade antennas and preamplifiers.

SITCO antennas and preamplifiers.

The SITCO devision of Simplicty Tool has Profesional Industry Grade Tv antennas and preamplifiers.


Also ,

has , VHF and UHF , Tv receive antennas.


EMCEE , has UHF and VHF preamplifiers , with 20 dB and 35 dB gain.


Here is a All Channel Antenna that has many 'tags' such as , Test antenna , Standby antenna , CATV antenna , and etc. .

The antenna can be installed as the Primary and Only Antenna at a house or other buildings.

The antenna is Profesional Grade Heavy Duty.

The antenna is interesting because it is a Log Periodic Double Boom design.

And has Biconical reception elements.

And a VHF low band reception loop at the back of the antenna.

And is interesting because All reception elements of the antenna are active reception elements with no passive directors or reflectors.

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