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Quality differences in ATSC Tuner

So I recently solved my high VHF station reception problem and almost all TV and all DVRs get the station except for one older Samsung (about 2005) with a digital tuner that doesn't tune the channel. I can watch the high VHF channel through a connected digital DVR so not a real problem. But are there variations in quality of ATSC Tuners in modern TVs? Should people look for something about the ATSC Tuner when purchasing a TV?

I am taking it that there have been improvements over the years. If you have an older ATSC tuner on a poor one can these be replaced? Are they standard boards you can slot in like a computer? I guess the answer to this question is you could also by a TV digital tuner and connect it to one of the TV interfaces and by pass the internal ATSC tuner. Any ATSC tuner people would recommend?
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