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while it is most likely only going to be supported by the hdhomerun,
I believe it is the AVC (MPEG4) replacing the MPEG2 codec in the ATSC OTA. (while it was added to the ATSC standard...not much hope that it will happen due it the fact that every HDTV has the MPEG2 codec in it, and probably not the MPEG4(AVC).
but with HDTV's having linux and the like being used to operate the set, it might be possible to upgrade the set to use MPEG4.

i am hoping for this because mpeg2, on fast action scenes can get "crunchy" or cubes-out on fast action parts(person) . (i have noticed that on the same program on satelitte using mpeg4, blurs the fast action parts of scene instead of cubing-out.)

so with OTA already providing amazing/awesome still/slow shots, using MPEG4 would improve it to unbeatable status.
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