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Rotators- Back at it

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
For a large array, an entry level "ham" rotor would be strongly recommended. Anything less is going to have a short lifespan as you've already encountered.

They aren't cheap, though. Starting price would be around $250-300 for a rebuilt unit.

What Rotators are recommended these days?

Well, I have been off this site for a while, a lot has happened. Today is my first day back on this site in 3 months I think.

It's time to get back up to my array and fix what needs fixing. I just purchased a 20 foot stepladder. It is a MONSTER. I was able to use an 18 footer to set up my system so I should be OK, providing I get an able bodied helper (or two) to help set up the 20' monster.

So, my rotator. 2 ChannelMaster CM9510As have gone bad. So I am writing them off, even though they have a new version the CM9510HD. I agree my system may have too much turning torque, but my patented dual bearing system takes the vertical weight out of the system.

I can actually take the rotator off the main mast and the antenna mast stays in place.

So I see there is a coupla Alliance U-100 models, new, used and rebuilt out there for $60-$175, are they any good? I mean are they heavy duty for
a 2-3 antenna mast? They claim it's good for HAM antennas. I saw a You tube video and the controllers are loud as hell. That shouldn't matter too much I guess.

Then there's the Yaesu 450 that's about $300.

I really like my CM9510 because of the remote. Is the CM9510HD any good?

I would like to hear some opinions.
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