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New problem: Coax terminal on TV bad?

I'm having a similar problem to one I had a year ago, see this thread, post #84.

LR = "living room TV", bought in 2015
BR = "bedroom TV", bought in 2016 -- both are Vizeos

Antenna wire comes into the bedroom where it splits, one going to each TV. Tonight I'm watching channel 13 (ABC) in the LR and it started pixelating and losing audio.

It went on for a while and got worse, so I check the BR -- channel 13 was fine there. And the really weird thing was, when the BR was on the LR worked ok. It didn't completely fix it, but almost. Shut the BR off, and the LR signal gets real bad again. I did this a half dozen times, same result each time. And now, 13 is completely dead in the LR, even after snugging up the nut.

Because of this previous problem I had per the link above, I replaced the coax going from the splitter to the LR a month or so ago.

Not sure why having the BR on "fixes" the LR signal, but logic tells me the root of the problem is with the LR coax terminal.

Opinions from the gurus . . . ?

EDIT: Right now, at 11:00 the next morning, channel 13 works perfectly on the LR TV -- when I went to bed last night it was completely dead. I didn't do anything to the TVs, coax, etc. meantime.
Everything from the roof down to the TVs was installed new in 2011.

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