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So I got the HBU33. My wife has now told me she doesn't want me roof mounting the antenna and instead she wants me to put it in the attic. I wish she would have told me that before I bought the antenna (I would have gone for a larger one)!

Anyway, right now I have it sitting on the floor in one of the upstairs rooms where the attic access is. With it just sitting on the floor I get WATC, WPCH, WUPA, WUVG, WPXA, WATL, WSB, and WXIA all clear. I mean 100% clear too (signal strength wasn't 100% on all, but the picture never pixelated ever). That was a pleasant surprise. What puzzled me a bit though was that I got no signal at all from stations like WGCL or WAGA which based on the report are all right around the rest of these channels I am getting clearly.

I'm hoping when I get into the attic these channels will show up. However, am I wrong in thinking they should already be coming in since the ones I listed above are? They are all within 18-21 miles and 174 degrees.
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