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Thanks for the updated TVfool plots. Even at 100' your improvement isn't that significant. Its enough that Boston's WBZ, WCVB, WGBH and a few others get beyond single digit strengths. This translates to optimistically reliable reception is possible. At 75' the same signals get to about about 10db signal strength. Thus, at a minimum Boston would require a 75' tower with a DB8e on it for partial market coverage.

You could as a test, since Boston is UHF only, purchase a DB8e from a vendor with a generous return policy and test mount it on your roof as high as you can get it, point it at Boston and see what you get. Sometimes TVfool plots are dead on, sometimes they pessimistic, other times they are optimistic. There are a multitude of localized factors which the database cannot account for.

Providence is already working with your existing unit, you might
move that antenna around slightly to test if that remedies the occasional issue with real channel 12. If not, relocating outside ought would be the next step.

Good luck.
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