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Cape Cod, MA UHF antenna advice

I am finally set to cut the cable. Just looking for antenna advice. Been lurking here on and off for a year or so.

Did the interactive map and have a report here:

I am looking to get UHF Boston ota signals which are roughly 61 miles away at 326. Only really care about CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox. Anything else is a bonus, including the Providence, RI signals at 298.

I currently pick those up with a cheap GE attic antenna my brother gave me. All crystal clear save WNAC channel 12 which has slight signal issues. And it is pointed at Boston since the crawl space I put it in doesnt allow it to point to Providence.

This is the cheap antenna btw:

I will be putting a roof mount antenna at 25' and I dont want 2 antenna up there. I will have two TVs hooked up. I was originally thinking of getting a winegard HD8800. Then thinking of an antennas direct DB8e but hoping a DB8 might be good enough. Also looking at a CM 4228HD. Assuming a preamp will be required as well.

Anyone have experience with uhf antenna for 60 + mile away signals?

Thanks in advance.

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