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The ant751r will be better than no antenna on FM, but a separate FM antenna would be better, such as the Antenna Craft FM6 for stations from a specific direction or a FMSS for stations from all directions.

The linked TV fool plot shows UHF stations from 197 to 266 degrees true. Most have a high noise margin. The linked TV fool plot shows 3 VHF-high stations all close together in a group.

If the OP had not bought anything yet, I think a 2 antenna solution would provide reliable reception of the most channels.
The VHF stations are easy, they all are within 20 degrees of each other, so they all fit in the half power beam width of an Antenna craft Y10-7-13. It is long, but the extra gain would help the 1 or 2 edge path’s for the VHF signals. An Antenna craft Y5-7-13 would probably work, but if it is going on the roof, better to install more antenna than needed the first time.

The large spread of the UHF stations with a tight bunch in the center make me think 4-bay antenna”. I would look at an Antenna craft U4000 a Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB4X or a Channel Master 4221HD. The 4 bay would be aimed at the main group around 234 degrees true.

Then the UHF and VHF antennas could be combined by a UVSJ.
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