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Originally Posted by deeciple View Post
I have the antenna/amp connected to an HD Homerun.
The HDHR GUI can be very useful; it gives Signal Strength, Signal Quality, and Symbol Quality.
When the Signal Strength reaches 100%, that is equivalent to 0 dBmV (-49 dBm). That's about the level antenna installers and cable guys aim for at a wall plate outlet for a TV. However, TV tuners can handle signals much stronger than that without a problem. But if you talk to a SiliconDust tech, he will tell you that you have overload at 100%. It seems that HDHR tuners have a tendency to overload more easily than TV tuners.

Signal Quality, which is similar to SNR, must be at least 50%. This is equivalent to about an SNR of 15 dB.

Symbol Quality is the inverse of Uncorrected Errors. 100% Symbol Quality is no Uncorrected Errors. You must have 100% Symbol Quality for reliable reception.

I did a thread about that topic:
SiliconDust Signal Strength Conversion Chart

Now that you mention it, we did have some storms pass through the area earlier in the day yesterday. It may still have been a bit windier than usual when I tested in the evening
When the wind blows, the tree branches sway, which chops up the signals passing through.

I have a tree outside my window that messes with the signals when the wind blows, causing increased signal errors.

Video of signal affected by wind in tree. I use VLC Media Player. Made using GE 34792 antenna; GE 29884 does better.
Download and view now:

Download now, view later:

Thanks, I will have to observe and test over the next few days. Do you happen to know the signal/noise ratio on the RCA? I searched but didn't find anything.
Preamps are not rated in SNR, they are rated in Gain, Noise Figure, and MAX Input. Your RCA amp probably has a gain of about 12 dB, but RCA doesn't publish those specs.

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