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Originally Posted by deeciple View Post
This is odd. I connected the new pre-amp today and it DID give me a great boost in signal level and quality. On average I gained about 10 to 15% in both signal level and quality with some stations upwards of 99%.
What device is giving you those percentage readings of signal strength and signal quality?
I don't believe I am over-driving any of the channels but I noticed that they are all glitchier than with the cheap RCA amp, even though according to the levels they should be rock solid.
"Glitchier" indicates a reduction of signal quality. It is possible to have a strong signal with poor quality (low SNR or increased errors) from possible overload or multipath from the signal passing through trees or attic clutter.

Is it worse on windy days?
This may sound silly but is there a "break-in" period for these amps Any other reason why the RCA amp would yield more stable picture when the Winegard amp gives better signal levels?
A "break-in" period is not usual unless the preamp is defective.

Your new preamp has about 12 dB more gain than the RCA amp.
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