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Originally Posted by deeciple View Post
I got the antenna installed in the attic today. I did take a hit on signal level so I added an amplifier that I had from an RCA DN010165 indoor antenna.

Do you think a better amp would improve signal level and quality? If so, can you recommend some good low noise amplifiers that I could use in this case?
What channels do you need (by callsign) and what channels are you getting OK now?

Please do a signal report for you location at using the coordinates of your antenna.

Even better, are you willing to give me your address and coordinates of your antenna from Google maps in a PM for privacy, so that I can see how the signal lines reach your antenna?

Thank you for the photo of your antenna in the attic. I see a black pipe or duct in front of the antenna. If it contains metal or foil it might block the incoming signals.

I think for now, the RCA amp is good enough for a test. What you need to do is put your antenna in the best location possible in your attic so that the best signals possible are coming out of your antenna before amplification. An amp can make the signals stronger, but it can't turn a poor quality signal into a good quality signal.
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