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Thanks, Tim.

Here's the link from Rabbit Ears.

I am using a USVJ between the preamps and the splitter/amp.
I am using the PA18 pre amps

I have no waterproofing other that how the equipment came

I do not have a rotor.
I haven't touched the UHF antenna since I had it optimized about a year and a half ago.

It's somewhere around 210

The CM is easy to rotate.
It had been sitting at approx.215 for some time.

Presently, it's about 160 trying to pick up WWCP 8 which has ABC to replace the lost WTAE.

Here are my good stations:

Call Letters RF Virtual
KDKA 25 2
WJAC 35 6
WPX! 23 11
ION 38 16
MYTV 42 22
WPCB 28 40
WPGH 43 53

I'm thinking I have some kind of problem with the Channel Master.

I cannot pick up any VHF stations.
Granted there aren't that many.

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