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Looking at your RabbitEars report for the coordinates you gave shows two VHF-Hi stations almost due north of you and about 2-1/2 miles away.

And a bunch of UHF stations about 20 miles away situated east-southeast of you.

Take a look at the report:

You can run your own report for your exact location at:

Sounds like the situation calls for two separate antennas, VHF-Hi pointed north and UHF pointed east-southeast and then combined with a UVSJ combiner.

I can't comment on the build quality of the Stellar Labs antennas since I have never owned one, however for the few extra bucks I would certainly go with the 30-2426 because it will have more gain than the 30-2420.

Also, can you comment on the reason for the Yaesu rotator. With the signal report you have, I don't see any need for an expensive rotator.

Barring any terrain or tree issues, you should get good reception of all the green and yellow stations shown on the signal report. If you are going after Univision 17 on real channel 24, I suspect you might get good reception even though your antenna would be aimed SSE.
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