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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Here's an update.

Installed the PA 18 preamp on the Channel Master. Already had one on the DB8E.
Used the combiner that I had on hand from Antennas Direct.
Connected to the CM distribution amp and got stations without the interference.
Tried without the distribution amp and lost many stations.
Re-connected the distribution amp.

I get every station available except WPGH 53.
Thank you for the update with your report of improved reception.

Your current TVFool report doesn't list WPGH because of database errors used to generate the report.

However, a report from does list WPGH, and its list of channels should be more accurate. WPGH is listed as much weaker than your other channels.

Since I have now received my UVSJs, would there be any value in trying one of them in place of the Antenna Direct combiner?
It should work about the same as the Antennas Direct UVSJ. If you are curious, maybe you should make a temporary test.

I think I'm about as optimized as I can for my location unless there are other suggestions.
Yes, I agree.

WPGH is moving to channel 20 during Repack Phase 4, 6/22/2019 to 8/2/2019

They might be running at reduced power because of antenna work.

Thanks to everyone for all the generous, patient help.

TV Fool is a fantastic resource and this forum, with all the great people, is a true asset for techno-dunces like me.

If there is some way I can support this or contribute a little something to the ongoing upkeep, please let me know.
The fact that you thanked us and gave a report of improved reception by following our advice is sufficient; it's what keeps us going.

Enjoy your new setup.

Best regards,
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