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New stickies for asking for help with reception.

I recommend two new sticky threads for the top of Help with Rectption:

1. The FCC rule that protects people’s ability to put up TV antennas. It probably needs a link, and a simple explanation of what is and isn’t protected, as well as what laws and rules can restrict what someone can do.

2. What to do when there is nothing available OTA. Some suggestions that come to mind: a sling box at a friend’s and other streaming from one location to another (place shifting); and FTA (give a quick discussion of what FTA is and what it isn’t, then point people to satellite guys). With the sling box/place shifting suggestion needs to emphasize use for OTA so no one accuses TVfool of encouraging stealing cable. With FTA, need to explain if major networks are desired a C-band dish (6’ min, likely 8’ to 12’) would be needed. Also would want to emphasize no one is promoting circumventing encryption; dish, direct TV and other pay sat service channels are not FTA, nor are any satellite signals that are encrypted. Should also emphasize anything received FTA should be viewed as temporary, it could be “here today and gone tomorrow”.
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