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Originally Posted by mountainguy View Post
Thanks for the input guys. In answer to your questions, my plan is to mount this antenna at or near the location of my current satellite dish as it offers an uninstructed view to the NNE where my signals are coming from, as well as good quality coax that's already run to my 2 TV locations.

One TV would be about a 40 foot run and the other is probably pushing 100 feet.

With the 100 run, a splitter and having a channel on RF50 (higher stations have more loss in the coax, 50 is near the top of the current TV channels), a preamp makes sense. I recommend a RCA TVPRAMP1R, it offers flexibility by having the option to use combined input or separate UHF/VHF inputs. It is also inexpensive.

If you are going to use cable from a satellite install, make sure there are no multiswitchs, diplexers, SWMs, or any other leftover satellite stuff between the antenna and the TVs. (For a normal install all you should have is: antenna, preamp, ground block, power inserter, splitter, lines from splitter to TVs).

All the stations you want are on the same heeding, so a large antenna has some benefits:
More gain to give you a margin of extra signal for bad reception conditions.
More gain to potentially bring in other stations in that direction if conditions permit
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