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Originally Posted by Electron View Post
This recommendation is based on tvfool radar plot of Current Plus Pending Applications Included Digital Tv Channels.

The ANT751 is not a very directional antenna and that is good for your reception situation.

Install a ANT751 antenna above the roof aimed at about 354 degrees magnetic compass reading. ION Television WPXA is the weak channel at 354 degree magnetic compass reading.
The ANT751 does have some forward gain for better reception of ION if aimed at ION.

And the ANT751 will also receive the Strong Stations at about 110 degree through the back angle of ANT751 when aimed at ION.

You can also aim the ANT751 at about 110 degree (the strong stations) and I suspect that ION will still be received.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Your reception location has Strong signal strength WGCL-DT 19 CBS and Weak signal strength WPXA-DT 51 ION , If I understand correctly about where you will like to mount the antenna this complicates the matter of the amplifier and the coax wiring and the ground wire from the antenna.

In and of it's self , having the antenna on the outside of the house where there is a vaulted ceiling is 100% Ok.

Read on.

In my mind I see a single level Long house with the garage on one end and vault roof on the other end.

Before I recommend a amplifier. I will like to be clear about where you are saying you will , like to mount the Tv antenna. You are saying that you will like to mount the antenna on the outside of the house above the roof (thats the best place) , however you say you will like to mount the antenna on the outside where there is vaulted ceiling and the longest distance possible from where the coax goes into the house and the longest distance possible from where there is any easy to get to electric power. Correct?? , and if so , Why?? , is it because of trees that will be blocking reception if the antenna is at another location?? Why??
The house is a contemporary split level with the mb and 2 other bedrooms over the garage on the NE side. The vaulted ceiling begins at the drip edge on the SW side of the house (kitchen. dining room, living room side) and then continues up and down again above the mb at the back of the 2nd story on the other (NE) side of the split level. The ridge of the roof runs NW (front) to SE (back) in the middle. Inlaw suite/guest br is on the lower level behind/beside the garage. Because I can get to the mb by drilling up into the wall above (from the garage), the family room via the crawl space under the split level, and the guest room (adjacent wall) the garage seems like a likely distribution point.
Re power / grounding:
From what I have seen, it looks like pre-amps (if needed) are powered by injecting DC on the coax from the distribution center. I have 110ac in the garage. Grounding could be a significant run if I need to keep it outside the house. It would not be possible to install an antenna on the SW corner where the service enters the house and the ground stake so located. Would it be better to establish a 2nd ground stake (shorter path for lightning) and connect them together to avoid a ground differential current loop%3F %0D%0A%0D%0Are ION%3A I live at the bottom on a hill at the end of a culldesac. To the north, west, and south, my roof is substantially below the crest of nearby hills. East is toward the city and the almost all of the towers. Looking at ION%27s program schedule, they basically seems to show old episodes of the same shows. At least on their local affiliate, their whole week is little more than hour long infomercials (92), Criminal Minds (24 episodes), flashpoint (13), Cold case (11) psych (9), etc. Just not interesting to me.
Re location:
On the south side of the house (where the electrical service enters SW) there is a great deal of tree cover. The largest specimens are Tulip Populars one of which is 10-12 feet around at the base and very tall. The property backs up against a park with lots of foliage. There are a couple of medium size oaks on the north with a substantial hill that is quite a bit higher than the house. The back roof peak is the highest point and also the least susceptible to trees and foliage.
Another possiblitiy would be on the eve at the east edge of the roof. It would be about 10' lower but could still shoot SE. Antthing to the S would be obstructed by the roof. The compass points I mention are more an approximation. The orientation of the roof ridge is more NW (front) to SE (back).
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