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Several good points, OTAMAN2010.

I think we are also fortunate that for now, we still have the NFL wildcard playoffs, the Superbowl, and the Olympics available in OTA high def. It looks fantastic and makes you feel like you're really getting the most out of your HD entertainment system.

We cannot let the pay TV services make too much money, or else they will be able to buy out the rights to some of this awesome content and prevent it from being distributed OTA.

What do you think will happen when Comcast buys NBC Universal?

The pay TV companies are trying to monopolize the content providers, and if they succeed, then everyone will be forced to pay for TV or have none at all.

For the moment, the new DTV technology has leveled the playing field a bit. Now the broadcast networks can have multiple sub-channels and provide a wider assortment of content options (in much the same way you have multiple ESPN branded channels on pay TV). The quality is very good, and the cost of entry is very attractive compared to the cumulative monthly cost of pay TV.
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