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Originally Posted by suzanrush View Post
Please, everyone go to to voice your concern over the vote that's now in Congress. The House has already voted on the 19th of February to cancel funding for the public airwaves and the new free digital tv that we only just got 3 years ago with the transition to digital broadcasts.

This is an outrage and the greedy cable and satellite companies are behind this. And, of course, what really hurts is that most people still don't know that they have this great free option available to them. Thanks to their lies and deception to keep it from becoming mainstream knowledge. I feel real lucky to have benefitted from this free service and will sorely miss it if it goes away.

Please let everyone know that they need to take action. If they don't, the crooks will win and we'll be subjected to their price tyranny and monopoly of the pay-tv airwaves.
suzanrush - I applaud your passion and knowledge of the proposed spectrum sale and reduction, but the rest of your comments are so "foolish" and littered with misleading information and outright falsehoods. As already stated, where to even start. The most glaring falsehoods:

1. "There's actually no such thing as HD"

Wrong. Yes DTV is not necessarily HDTV, but HD is most certainly real and not just some marketing campaign to dupe the masses. DTV refers to digital processing of the audio and video information contained with the carrier or radio wave frequency, whereas HDTV refers also to the HD resolution of the video, which can be either 720p, 1080i or 1080p. All three HD resolutions are a huge upgrade over the old 480i analog signal. If you cannot tell the difference you either:

A. Have an older TV (non HD)
B. Are not tuned to an HD channel
C. The HD channel is showing a non HD program
D. Have very bad eye sight

2. "All anyone needed to get great DTV in HD was a Winegard Square Shooter roof antenna"

Wrong. To receive OTA HD you need more than just a Winegard SquareShooter antenna (or any antenna for that matter), you also need either of the following:

A. HDTV (with ATSC tuner)
B. External ATSC tuner (for computer or older HD monitor)

The SquareShooter has pretty decent gain for its size but you can get more powerful antennas that are only slightly larger and cost less.
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