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Thumbs up PLEASE SUPPORT OTA HD/Please Read

I like to thank tv fool for creating this web sight giving us the opportunity to discuss HD tv issues. Thumb up for the site. Its' a great asset to the tv wrold.

HDtv is crystal clear digital broadcast and was created buy the US Gov/FCC for (OTA) over the air use. All you need is the is a HDtv or converter box for older tvs and work best with an outdoor antenna 30 to 50 feet high.

I realize alot of people is addicted to pay tv. But we are trying to achive a goal and get all programming back to OTA. remember OTA is free, and esimated 50 programs from pay tv would survive OTA any way. Theres' plenty of room OTA for growth. Don't be addicted to tv and let it control you. You can rent a movie with the money you save, or watch something OTA. In the mean time OTA will evolve.

Some facts

-HD is the future of tv an most of all it free. No one pay for HDtv- the fcc went from analogue to digital tv the same as it did for radio when it went from am to fm radio.

-HDtv was made for OTA. Tv stations across the country spent tons of money buying new equipment for HD. Pay tv siginal is digital but not true HD, and will eventually charge you much money to keep up.

-HD channels can broadcast up to 5 programs on each channel. ION current has 4 broadcast. Probably the most with good quality.

-Channels that you receive, depend on your market or your location.

-New networks, there are a few already, THIS movie net, DOT2 movie net, RETRO TV, Bob Johnson purchase 51% of ION net to start his new Urban net. There are more programs out there some have not spreaded yet.

-Who is in control. Consumers has always been in control. what you buy determine it availability. If you don't buy it the price get cheaper or goes a way. Same for pay tv , we the veiwers stop paying no more pay tv which means we get more OTA for free. Besides that, you can only watch 1 channel at a time. With your help we will get more for free OTA. If you continue to pay you will pay more and more over time. The choice is yours.

-Back in the 70s we all received about 3 or 4 channels Cable was great more channel for 3.50 a month. Now I receive over 40 channels OTA HD for free. The more channels they add the more they charged. What good do 200 channel do for me and I can only watch 1 at a time. I can't save the rest for later.

-Pay tv has done all to prevent OTA and keep you paying, it's a very big threat to them. Most shows that's on pay service are also on free OTA, such as; Sinfeld, Cheers, House of Pain, CSI and much more, so why pay for whats' free. Recently pay services purchased people like Oprah, Beyonce, and many more along with many major sport events NCAA and Pros to keep you paying. As long as you are willing to pay for whats' free, pay tv will take your money. Their philosophy is simple buy up all you like to watch with your money to keep you paying. Don't do it for OTA sakes.

-If we all support OTA it will evolve just as cable has and could save you money. You will not need to pay for tv no more. Join the team.

-What can you do to help. Support HD and get the word out the honest truth. It's free and clear than anything pay tv offer. when everyone revert back to OTA much more will be on OTA including more sports. Only if we ban together for a few years will this happen.

-Why pay for what you can get for free OTA. When free OTA ist here for you and can give you the same thing. After all the Gov and tv stations spent lots of money for you to enjoy free tv. Give it a try and watch it evolve over time.

-The money you save can be used for house or car payment, college fund, vacation, new HDtv, emergency fund and so on.
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