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Tv Antennas and Reception

Your reception situation is easy and will receive many channels. I recommend a Antenna Craft , UHF U4000 aimed at about 161 degree magnetic compass , A simple modification to the U4000 antenna is to lift the metal clips that hold the metal reflector rods in the horizontal position and rotate the metal reflector rods to the vertical position , there are 9 metal reflector rods , , this moves the metal reflector rods out of the way and the antenna now receives 2 directions , north west and south east. Also aim a Antenna Craft CS600 VHF low , VHF high band antenna at about 304 degree magnetic compass for the reception of , CIII-DT 6 , CBOFT-D 9 , CJOH-DT 13 . Here is how to aim antennas , The 2 antennas are connected together with a UVSJ = UHF - VHF - Separator - Joiner , Here are places to buy Antenna Craft antennas in Canada , . And .Lighthouse Electronics , 1636 Tecumseh Rd. , East Windsor , Ontario , 519-252-2512

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