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Antenna for Denver Channels - Update

Hi all. Just thought I'd provide a little update. Almost ready to ditch DirectTv. The last piece was a second antenna for our other TV. Since the Leaf antenna worked so well (31 channels from Denver, 45 mile away), I thought I would give one of those HDTV, combo flat/rabbit ear style antennas they sell at Walmart a try. They had a $10 antenna, and a $20 one. They were completely sold out of the more expensive ($30)/boosted flat antennas. I bought $20 Philips HDTV passive, foldable antenna. Bottom line: it picked up 22 channels but did not get the main ones I wanted. Also, the reception was sketchy. Lots of pixilation (correct term?) and on a clear day.

I placed an order for another Leaf; the Philips is going back. As for the Roku box I was planning on gettting, it dawned on me today that we are already using the Wii to get Netflix. We could just stick with that, even though the Wii cannot do Hulu plus, which I read is better for TV shows. So, no Roku for now. If we decide the Netflix TV library is not sufficient, we will get a Roku and Hulu plus.
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