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Response to -- ve2dc

I'm guessing that either you bought yourself an expensive new "HD" flat screen or you sell them.

My eyes are perfect and not only do these new so-called HD flat screen tv's have much poorer picture quality than the old still great analog tv's, they certainly are not HD and they are breaking down completely and I've seen many at the landfills.

They are crap and people are still being ripped off as a result of the misinformation during the transition to digital. TV Fools, unfortunately describes the masses who were misled into thinking that they needed to buy a new tv set. All anyone needed to get great DTV in HD was a Winegard Square Shooter roof antenna.

The best avail. on the internet. The antennas available in stores aren't worth anything.

It's not your fault, we were left to decipher this on our own, and the government did their best (w/ the help of Comcast's misinformation campaign) to confuse the issue in order to keep everyone paying for cable. All one needed to know was that the new digital works just like it did in the old days before cable came to town.

A really good antenna is all one needs. It's spectacular and great not to have to pay for something that's free again and better than ever.
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