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I too am a new member and I'll make it short and create my own introduction thread. LocalBeach954, welcome to TVFool and sorry to hear you had to wait also. I hope you were able to find and or get the info and whatever else and got your stuff up and going.

I too had a long wait to get to the point to where I could actually post and comment. Close to 4 days maybe. Sent 2 emails to the webmaster. Didn't know what else to do. In the beginning it really frustrated me because I wanted advice. Just had to do more work and the work on my own rather then get my answers from those who have already done it.

Lastly, I thing in time you'll find more and more will be cutting ties with Dish, Directv and cable. Because more and more people are struggling.

On the other hand, I think more have already cut the cable then you think. They just either did it on their own or went to a place that sells the stuff or some other forum. It's my opinion not many know this website exists. And if they do, because it takes to long, they decided to go elsewhere or do what I did or put it on hold.

Anyhow, didn't mean to hi-jack your thread. Look for my own introduction and other threads as I have some questions, issues and concerns.
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