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Originally Posted by Xesvuli420 View Post
FYI Ive never seen a mod that was paid.

Being a moderator comes with responsibilities. I understand the forum rules for activation, i am not dissatisfied with that. What i am dissatisfied with is waiting over 48 hours before finally being activated. Keep in mind that even then it was only because i reached out to another mod to get it done.
I am only poster on this forum, but I administer another forum. In our registration email we specifically tell applicants that our administrators and moderators are all volunteers and typically check the registration queue once a day, and that they should allow up to 48 hours for their registration to be processed. It's not a matter of just clicking yes to approve the registration. It's also (for us) undergoing various checks of the applicant to verify they are not on the known lists of spammers. Each applicant takes a few minutes so you can't always get them all done in twenty seconds. I suggest that 48 hours is a very reasonable amount of time.
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