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Folded Dipole Questions

I'm about to start building a folded dipole for RF channel 6 and I have some questions. First, does the spacing between the top and bottom matter? The one calculator I used has a spacing of about 4 inches while others have different spacings. I plan to use 1/2" copper tubing and four 90 degree elbows to make the bends instead of trying to bend it in a circle. I figured on making the length 66 inches long, but again, when I put through different calculators I get different lengths for each one. Coincidentally, all of them are shorter. I thought 66 inches would be the correct length. I guess what I need to know is, am I going about this correctly? Or did I miss something? Or does it not matter on the length and spacing as long as it's close? There seems to be alot of information on folded dipoles, but they never seem to match from one source to the next and I really don't want to waste 12 feet of copper through trial and error. Thank you for any guidance you all could give me.
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