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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
No, I wouldn't be a bit surprised, I've been doing this for years.

You have to keep in mind that there is a whole generation, almost two, that have been raised on cable TV since cable proliferated in the 80s.

Oh, and BTW, I recall seeing in the last year or so that Funai, the last remaining manufacturer of VCRs, was discontinuing production due to insufficient demand. I don't recall the exact dates, but I expect that the halt in production has already taken place.

Good luck!
Well, I did support for ten years. That was enough of it for me. If one is not careful it can drive one to drink.

Interesting about Funai, I own one of their basic models, the other VCR I have is JVC S7800U/UC "Compulink" - don't let the "Compu" impress you, it's nothing to do with computing.
I'm sure you've seen this video of the Finnish guy's VCR collection? There was a meme going for a while of his haircut and he had semi-fame for a while

That is a thought- an entire generation, raised on CATV. I myself miss UHF a lot. I also miss TV dxing- or, just being able to receive a station without it going out due to a tiny loss of signal. All or nothing! that's digital for you. The air waves are supposed to be ours, the public, and every time I read my morning emails there's another chunk of bandwidth going up for bid.

I enjoy your replies AdTech Ive been out of the loop for some time since I quit support and sales.
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