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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
DRM cannot be implemented on the analog outputs of the streaming device (or other output device), that restriction is going to be only on the HDMI port.
it can't be put out on the analogue outputs! It isn't possible. I should have written that but I didn't want to explain every step- but thanks for your replies. I wanted to post my experiment to help others, who may want to record things, and may not know it's possible. You would be surprised how many people don't know a thing about TV, antennas, etcetera When I was working help desk at a CATV/internet/VoIP call center (never get telephone svc thru your cable co. if it connects to an MTA i.e. "cable phone") I was surprised at the number of regular folks who assumed you HAD to have CATV just to get ordinary TV. They actually would argue that it is not possible to get TV over the air and not because they were too far from the transmitter, they literally thought it was not possible at all to receive it (without cable tv svcs).

The topic of analogue vs digital is an interesting topic to me and I appreciate your inputs and replies. Thank you.
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