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Yes, correct

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Any analog VCR can record any content from any input source PROVIDED:

A) One uses the RF input on channel 3/4 (if the output device also has that output) or

B) If the VCR can record the RCA (A/V) inputs and the output device also supports the same.

Of course, the user convenience/functionality will be on par with a VCR from 1982 in that the user has to have everything set up for recording ahead of time or they must manually execute the recording.
That's right- that wasn't the source of my surprise, it was the possibility one can record off of a Roku player these days, with all the digital stuff, it's become MORE difficult to record programming, I think. In olden days, one simply hit RECORD or programmed the vcr ahead of time to record future programs. Nowadays it is Tivo, or a hard drive, and with DMCA one can't just up and record anything they see on the TV.

I bet if you ask a random person of they can record off of the Roku they won't know or claim it can't be done. Most people also don't own a VCR now.

My user name reflects my hobby, which is analogue equipment. I don't have a large hoard, just items I like and use: radios, telephones, TVs, cameras, etc. I was surprised the Roku would work with the old TV, assuming (wrongly) that it was digital somehow.

cheers Thanks AdTech
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