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analog TVs & recording, & Roku: Possible!

Have a Curtis-Mathes 1986 model M2585RW (25"). It is analogue, to view digital TV one uses one of the digital-analog converters. When our CATV co. was still providing some content in analog via coax to TV, I could record any programming with an analogue VCR. They've gone all digital now, but- you CAN record OTA/broadcast live TV now using a VCR, if you change the digital b'casts to analog using the converter. Thusly:

your antenna coax line TO digi-analog box then TO VCR then TO tv. Your converter box must be on the channel/program you wish to record (which really goes without saying)

I have the analogue in one room of the house- and a Roku player. I connected the Roku to the analogue TV on a whim, using the red-yellow-white plug in RCA connectors, and voila I get the Roku screen. I lost my Roku remote! I cannot press any selections on the Roku box, it has none- so I'm off to attempting an All In One remote to work with it (will let u know) til I get another Roku remote.

So.... if I can "VCR" ota broadcasting.... I will keep in touch. I am almost AFRAID to post my results re: recording off the R O Ku. I am sure most of you forum members can think of at least one reason why.

Well I hopefully shall keep you all posted on my results.

So Far- you MAY and CAN record live TV using a VCR these days, IF you have a digi- to analog box converter.

This was my point

2nd Point: connecting a 1st gen Roku receiver to an analogue TV using the RCA connections CAN be done AND viewed on TV.

3rd point: Can content/programming on the Rokyu be recorded using analogue VCR? We'll See!

We shall find out Monday or later, as no remote I own will program a Roku streaming device, so I ordered a new Roku remote.

Sunday 1:16PM Central Time

Found original remote. Roku is working, and shows programming on analogue TV, using RCA connex.

So.... the data transmitted is in analogue.... there is your answer.

Watching "Still Game" BBC Scotland original programming, hilarious comedy show, I advise setting it to English sub-titles, even if you can understand the Scottish brogue as it is too easy to miss a word here and there. Makes it much more fun if you can hear and see the words. Brilliant and hilarious program!


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