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Here is 50' TVF

Here is 75' TVF

Majority of the channels of most interest are High VHF and UHF. Looks like the direction between 45-47 magnetic, has the majority of channels of interest. So am I correct to assume a UHF/Hi VHF directional antenna is needed.

I would like to get the best highest quality antenna. Form some research, these models get good reviews.
A) Winegard HD8200U (Yagi, Hi VHF/UHF, Gain Hi VHF 12.6, UHF 14.2)
B) Channel Master CM4228HD (Bowtie, Hi VHF/UHF, Gain Hi VHF ___, UHF 12)

I was leaning toward the Winegard HD8200U. What do you think about these antenna's? Which one will be better, there is a hill between TV towers and house?

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