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Originally Posted by N4DBC View Post
I'll try the 'tilting' the 91xg trick. It makes sense that at least a small degree of tilt might make a difference with signals 'diffracting' over the ridges & mountains. That might also help with the WDBJ station (uhf 18) that is '50/50' depending on weather/season. Do you have to fabricate some sort of shim or wedge to do this, or is there enough adjustment in the mount as is?
The supplied mount will let you easily tilt the antenna as much as needed. I find tilting helps in many situations, but have never needed to tilt beyond the first notch on the mechanism. Also make sure to straighten the stationary element right in front of the active element. They are usually bent for some reason, but seems to work slightly better flat.

I would try without the preamp first. I feel the 7777 is way too much for your situation. I don't/can't use a preamp but get both excellent local & fringe reception.

If you find reception right on the digital cliff with any stations, you can add another middle section to the 91XG to help improve reliability without risk of signal overload. ($25.00 from Antennas direct)
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