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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
I simply installed VLC from their website download. (In XP and Win-7, I won't fight with Win-8... I'm going to Ubuntu). I use the Software Center in Ubuntu to install VLC.

I have never found an interface method in the VLC GUI that will control my SiliconDust HDHR tuners. Instead, I use a utility provided by SiliconDust to set the tuner and launch VLC when streaming video to it. I've also dabbled with batch and script files to launch both the tuner and VLC... that's a work in progress, when I get back to it.

TSReader does know how to command the SiliconDust HDHR tuner, so I launch TSReader which in turn controls the tuner.
OK you say a utility sets the tuner for your tuner, but I distinctly remember it not being that hard when I used it before. I would not have done something so complex for my brain. WTH how did I do it before?? I know I know I KNOW I got TSReader to show all of the channels available, and I did use VLC player. Maybe I was using Ubuntu at the time? possible. Either way...

I do recall something about launcing VLC.EXE from TSReader...

oh by the way my stick is a DIAMOND ATI Theater™ HD 750 USB TV Tuner
Bus Type: USB 2.0 | Part Number: TVW750USB"

I am using Windows now
Here's the problem, sorry if I sound befuddled and here is what I want to do: use TSReader, VLC player and Diamond TVW750U USB stick together[/B]. I used to use them, but can't seem to now, here's why

TSReader doesn't have my USB stick listed on their choices of hardware, funny because I know I used it once before, and I dont think their program has changed.

The whole process seems ultra complex to me, and I know I had it working before, probably by lucky accident, as most of my complicated projects turn out that way.

It could be that I was using Ubuntu back then as I go back and forth.

So- how does one use a USB stick with TSReader and VLC player? I dont care using which OS, just if anyone has simple instructions. I would not have done it if I had to write scripts or input frequencies or any of that nonsense.

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