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Originally Posted by N4DBC View Post
Even if I place the height at 100', the WOAY estimated NM is still -15.2.
Let's start with the known NM of about -16 db at more reasonable heights. Add the 14 db gain of the 91XG, subtract the 3 db noise figure of the 7777, and note that you're 5 db short of reception. How to get 5 more db? Hot spots of antenna patterns can be as much as 6 db, so reception may be possible at some location on your property, the trick is to find out where. If you have a wideband receiver, try listening on 686.310, the pilot frequency of channel 50. Move the antenna around until the carrier is strongest and then try TV reception. If DTV reception is spotty, a second 91XG might be enough to make it acceptable.
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