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Tv Reception

Give WOAY 50 a try with the 91XG and the 7777 preamp , get the signal up to -5 or 0 , could give you ABC it is worth a try. Put the tri pod on the roof , just set it on the roof with the antenna on top and see what happens. . What about the other channels , did it raising the antenna height at 'start maps' bring the signals up higher. The reason I am intrerested is the two first strong channels are very strong at 67 and 63 NM and the weak channels are at +3 , -4 , -13 NM , it would be nice if a higher antenna height then 20 feet would bring the low numbers up a little. . Any way while you are up on the roof put the channel master antenna up there and try it with and with out it with the 7777 preamp and see what you can get at 84 , 98 , 99 magnetic compass.

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