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Mr. Candle, Thanks for your reply

Even if I place the height at 100', the WOAY estimated NM is still -15.2.

So I guess there is no way that I'm realistically going to get an ABC station unless I go to the more expensive tv cable?

Maybe I'll look into internet/IPTV possibilities, but my wireless internet b/w is not that great, so that might not work too well either. Again, the alternative for more b/w is cable, which is also much more expensive.

I would still like to know what antenna(s) setup that you think would work best for my situation, trying to get as many OTA channels as possible, but knowing that I can't spend hundreds of dollars (maybe up to $200 max, knowing what components that I already have).

I may take a day and 'walk the roof' with the 91xg to see if I can even get close to a signal on some of the weaker uhf stations.

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