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Well, rats.

I settled on the KT-700, as there is a cell tower pretty close by. It arrived in the mail; I went up on the roof today to get it hooked up. Connected the coax in the proper places, added a bunch of electrical tape to help protect connections and gaps in the case, got it lashed to the mast, hooked up the inside bits, and... signal still. At all.

I visually inspected the coax run and didn't see any damage or problems...but perhaps I need to get a meter to check it out properly? The issue must lie with either the coax or the antenna itself I would think.

(I would be sore about the possibility that I replaced the RCA unnecessarily, as I don't exactly have extra money sloshing around...but we've now passed that unit's sixth anniversary. Surely the upgrade to the Kitztech was going to be happening sooner rather than later anyhow?)

UPDATE: Went testing the coax run with a multimeter; think I may have found a bad section. Will replace and see if that resolves it. If not, the coax cable from the antenna to the preamp may also need replacing; the weather boot is falling apart, and the wire came much too easily out of the F connector as I was removing electrical tape and disconnecting.

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